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    Wr. Wangping:
I was born in The Hamlet by Shapingba area the Consortium City in Chongqing,China in Dec.05,1963;I has graduated from physical specialities about Chongqing'scollege of engineering and trade in China,physical and English teaching had been taught at a middle school of Nanan in Chongqing,China in Juiy15,1986.I was cut at my head's the left brain lingual backbone for my school’s things in March,1990 by the rufficns=aphasia;I retired at Nanan area Donggang School Highpschool Disposition in Chongqing,China in Sept.01,1998 with my illness, I have trained with my illnesses' body to read the book and newspaper every day,a lot of talk's abilities have been recovered;I have been exploited the right brain since March in 2000, by my struggle for ages ,I have already had four copyrights and two patents ,successively I have had <<Ornamentalthe earth>>about traffic ,ornaments and building ,<<Auxiliary power>>about weight and power’s energy ,<<Health>>about exploiting the right brain ,<<Electronic schoolbag>>about economizing geherous paper is economizing a lot of iron and steel,<<Buffer and protection>>about one,s life is the most important,preventing to injure somebody2 and destroy vehicles……