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English The Spiral-The garden in the sky research Report.doc
First Device:The Plane Picture Bricks of “Three-Dimension”
Patent Certificate:31-2007-Model-4100#
Second Device:The Spiral“The Garden in The Sky”
Patent Certificate:31-2007-Model-4101#  

Querynet in

A country has been developed ,developing traffic connoisseur must effect absolute functions;Asdevelopment of science and technology, at first it has already been had traffic light,traffic light of pedestrian crossing and equipment of keeping watch on ;Mechanization for general samitation ,the vehicles of clearing the path dump ,on the vehicles of removing and transporting refuse dump etc.,Picture(1) Chinese traffic more need advance by leaps and bounds ,cultuyal quality of the people continuously heightens .It all has done a good in Chongqing ,it has been implemented 1310 plan and propelled “Wu Ge Yi GongCheng”for Ward in 2004,it has been shaved that it didn’t alone be seize businesses development ,cultural quality and spiritual civilization of everyone were deepened,these were thr most important questions .In ancient times,needless to close doors at night ,at today of developing a high ethical and cultural level,traffic regulations will be gradually changed from forced observance to conscientious observance .May, in 2004,Zhujianping fortraffic department chief in Yinchuan Ningxia, China and Wuguoxing for traffic department official in Sichuan have, China also spoken at TV. To the best of our ability avoidable to take away traffic accident and as possible as to removea hidden danger on the road ,one’s life will be of importance.Traffic requlations are being emphatically observed in China .n the city of Chongqing ,China,now traffic safety has been advanced again that “Yi RenWeiBei,ShengmingZhiShang”indicatively and verythought high of traffic regulations ,one’s life is of importance everything .Picture(2) Segregated Tape  Picture (2)

   I should in troduce floor bricks of three dimenstomal picture and colour china or colour cement ,it is built segregated flower stands by the floor bricks ,the drivers and guests on bus look like real and an impassable to hinder from flower stands ,actually fictitious and hindered by flower stands ;As they will be built on the airfield and pubblic square ,what’s the very good of those. At night smooth floor bricks reflect light, so the drivers’ lines of vision don’t be interfered with and produced by illusions .The floor bricks’ surfaces will be glazed color picture, grounded into course and roughed , the floor bricks will be baked ,of course incident ray effects diffuse reflection, lots of light is scattered and absorbed by floor bricks ,three dimenstopal and colour floor bricks for cement are good .




Picture2Segregated Tape




In Kunming Yunnan the car for Guangdong was being traveled on freeway .but its speed was too fast ,the driver overstepped ahead other vehicles and the car was collided with segregated flower stands for half metre high and the car-head was seriously changed by traffic accident ,three persons in the car were at death’s door ,the flower stand for marble was destructively collided a large angle .If my floor bricks with three dimensional colour picture are used ,don’t effect serious consequences ,so the driver by himself regretfully violated the traffic regulations and afalse alarm ,he(she) by himself (herself) has been educated aim. <<ChongqingWanBao>> in April28, in 2004 was published the first season of this year traffic accident’s total descend ,but identical compare on freeway mortalities were increased to twelve persons and rised into eighty percent ,inclusion raw and professionless drivers were chiefly valled “Killers of road-way”,the most accidents were smashed at segregated tapes . The segregated flower stands of fictitious separation could not be caused enormous lesses and needn’t be repaired smashed flower stand. Segregated Tape common saying :Building for thirty-percent, management for seventy-percent. Flower grass and trees in the segregated flowersstands grow and age die,botanical flowers more and easily wither die . Picture (3)

Stereoscopic multi-coloured flowers and grass in the flower stands ,the fresh flowers of a year and four seasons are opened,withered and died .Original population in China there were more than thirteen hundred million ,after single sons and daughters ,that the people’s essential prerequite of observing rules ,discioline can be raised is that cultural level will be raised and talented persons will be trained ,these will be more essential ;But the manual laber count will be cut back and the methods of simplicity and practically convenient placing are employed .Picture (4) In any case personnel for managing flower grass in the pictures. Segregated Tape. If the ceramictitles are contaminated ,relevant objects removed them ;The ceramictitles will be again glittering,they willn’t be influenced by bad environment.Picture (5)


Picture3Batanic flowers grass Trees


Patterns in the picture are resolved into many parts ,glazed picture on rough coment and earthen bricks’ surfaces, the earthen bricks are baked,embedded on roads and composed segregated tape,but the induction under two fringes of the Segregated Tape,the induction that heavy can be pressed can be instantly made to shoot the foul vehicle's registration mark by nearby camera. As :the road surfaces of the cities and areaes are flushed by the floods ,very conventient management with using the SegregatedTape.






Two : Airfields

On airraft parking area there are some facilities between runway will be also employed fictitious hindrance .As the free fields between runway may be used my conceivableness. Picture (6)



Three dimenstomal, colour pictures in the pictures are resolved into many parts , “pictured” on yough cement, the earthen bricks’ surfaces, baked,embedded the fields between runway and composed segregated tape . Not only environment will be beautified ,removed inconvenience on management and my not be emerged by traffic accident,but also the labourers of managed flowers,grass ,trees and relevant expenses will be cut down. To everyone there will be a kind of opinion for quite many profittes.
Certificate:31-2004-A-1949 in Chongqing, China  Violating rights in formed against high price repaid

Three: Pubblic squares and active arena

Some potted landscapes and flower stands will be fictitiously established ,even if environment is beautified and place and splace are economically occupied ,but manageable labourers in the facilities and relevant expenses are cut down. Picture (7 ) “the pictures of beating back for Japanese War” As china and floor bricks of three dimensional,color picture in the pictures will be resolved into many parts ,glazed ,baked, embedded at proper position and roughed by the bricks’ surfaces and composed beautiful pictures ,on china and floor bricks at night there is reflex function, multi-colored light is emitted ,the light foreven changing is a beautiful scenery .The earthen bricks aren’t influence by execrable milieus. My above oeiqinal ideas were elucidated ; They are some floor bricks with china or cement ,on their surfaces there are glazed the stereospic figures and frames ,multi-colored flowers grass and trees,they are used in nationalconstruction;Everyone all positions everything now ,threedimensional ; I have thought that we must implement an earlier stage of the times ,stereoscopic times.




Pictures (1) Certificate : 31-2007-Model-4101 in Chongqing , China Next really stereoscopic ‘Monument and Menorial Tower’ Spiralled Sculptting
Spiralling’ spreads towards the space and economizes area of the ground ,the busy zone,every inch of land is an inch of gold ,the flowers’ stands of spiral with revolving it can be suitable for the building .Someone’s chief things sculpt one by one through several courses, the mobile is more better .As a martyr was born and grown up ,so he (she) has been educated , he (she) has led some work to strike ,swearing an oath into the Party and mobilizing uprising ,finally he (she) has been slaughtered by the enemy ;As a great person has been educated and served the people ,finally he (she) has died of an illness.Spiral can be used to the building , spiraled steps of revolving it with all kinds of ‘the flowers and plants’ both represent characteristical building and beautify green the environment ,the persons in the balconies of own families can enjoy to show with all kinds of “the flowers and plants”bright greenery.The “Garden in the sky” and whole building of revolving it can meanwhile be designed and implemented to construct, they are each other merged all the body ,its safety is ensured ,Pictures (2) the steps can be escalator of slow move ment , the best “Garden in the sky” of spiral can be moved .




Picture1)(the plane picturesbricks ofthree-dimension"


Certificate : 31-2007-Model-4101 in Chongqing , China
"The flowers and plants"are about truly artificial the flowers and plants with botanic tree of three dimensional flowers and plants about flowers and tree’s pattern..."Garden in the sky"is about simple and easy, refined it.


Monument and Menorial Tower











Picture (2) the garden in the sky ” of the spiral

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