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      Wr. Wangping:
I was born in the Hamlet by Shapingba area the Consortium City in Chongqing, China in Dec.05,1963; I graduated from physical specialities about Chongqing'scollege of engineering and trade in China in July 15,1986,physical and English teaching had been taught at a middle school of Nanan area in Chongqing,China;I was cut at my head's the left brain lingual backbone for my school’s things in March,1990 by the rufficns=aphasia;I retired at Nanan area Donggang School's High School Disposition in Chongqing,China in Sep.01,1998 with my illness; I has trained with my illnesses' body to read the book and newspaper every day ,a lot of talk's abilities have been recovered;I have been exploited the right brain since March in 2000;By my struggle for ages,I have already had four copyrights and two patents, successively I have had <<Ornamental the earth>>about traffic ,ornaments and building ,<<Auxiliary power>>-Gravitational energy,about weight and power’s energy ,<<Health>>about exploiting the right brain ,<<Electronic schoolbag>>about economizing geherous paper is economizing a lot of iron and steel,<<Buffer and protection>>about one,s life is the most important,preventing to injure somebody2 and destroy vehicles.Thank the Lord of all my gifts!



—the result of three dimensional times


First Device:The Plane Picture Bricks of “Three-Dimension” Patent Certificate:31-2007-Model-4100#

Second Device:The Spiral“The Garden in The Sky” Patent Certificate:31-2007-Model-4101#

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        A country has been developed ,developing traffic connoisseur must effect absolute functions;Asdevelopment of science and technology, at first it has already been had traffic light,traffic light of pedestrian crossing and equipment of keeping watch on ;Mechanization for general samitation ,the vehicles of clearing the path dump ,on the vehicles of removing and transporting refuse dump etc.,Picture(1)





—exploitative intelligence energy


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        The water ,the electricity and the wood are economized,the natural resources are economized so now energy will be created by our idea ;A new and developing energy ,as solar is being exploited ,exploited .Everything and everybody among heaven and earth are amid round fro’s each other bearings and rest raints processes ,we shall hard keep to hold more conducive things for human .When the Lord god, and in the creation of the universe, given the huge
natural energy, such as solar, wind, water, etc., a perfect world,very good; The destruction of ecological environment, is to earthquake, tsunami, tornado, severe haze and so on.Persons energy as dynamical resources are infinite,from ,lately international and high oil price can frequently be founded , warning oil can inaugurally lacked , really saving oil can't be solved. In the future , some energy is used , the new energy isn’t produced ,it is over , so some energy is gradually lacked , but dynamical machinery need dynamical energy ,as gasoline , diesel oil etc.fuel price is quickly rised in price .Sooner or later ,oil and natural gas etc. fz图一




____Exploiting the right brain

____Being obtained one's health in the study


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       New thought—The whole—brain speed reading. Exploiting the right brain “treasure 21 centuries“an illiterate person has know ledge but doesn’t understand right ways of study. The health ,which everyone is to own body, psychology, is better sensations, the health which the right bight brain has been exploited by sb. Has greatly auxiliary functions; everybody has about ten millions four hundred million cells for the brain and twice ninety million auxiliary cells, because physiological circulation, the cells eliminate the old ones and retain the new ones, the circulation can’t be interrupted, every organ into one’s body is chiefly regulated, balanced by the whole brain,...



  Fourth. NEED



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One: Electron schoolbag--'Hope' in one's life is each other accompanied.
Lots of persons have crossed at ones'schools for third of one's life,assimilated knowledgeable nutriment; We can know: Their bodied have been grown inperiod childhool and youth, a good stature's vertebrae have been changed to show to bend ones'waists and hunchback, ones'deformed chests have oppressed own hearts,to be not able to stretch own lungs… so weak and sicklier bodies, own health has direct been influenced.《Electron Schoolbag》is a minitype,portable notebook PC of large capacities are gone to carry,text's explanations can have been showed
readremarked on a piece of writing about rough writing, very exact distinguishedstockpiled printed outexercisetypedlessen and enlarged functionsbeen able to damage and nump......



——My Originality And Design

Copyright certificate:31-2008-A-5239#

China's official Web site:


ONE. Suits in particular, health treasure Chinese medicine is our Chinese heritage, a precious treasure of the human body has 32 big Meridian points, 72 gregaria, with 108 acupuncture points, Ren Mai: from the perineum, and finally for the Chengjiang Meridian;Du Mai: until a long-keung, Finally to the Yinjiao Meridian ; there are large meridian 12:1.Lunar hand by the lung meridian,from the Zhongfu Meridian,finally to the Shaoshang Meridian; 2. Yangming hand by the large intestine meridian, from the Shangyang Meridian finally Ying Xiang Meridian; 3. Shaoyin hand Heart Sutra meridian,from the Jiquan Meridian low Chong Quan Meridian at last; 4. Hands by the small intestine meridian ,from the Shaoze Meridian, at least, the Tingxue point at last; 5. Jueyin hand by the meridian, from Tianchi, and finally in the Zhongchong Meridian; 6.Points of Sanjiao Meridian,Hand, from the Guanchong Meridian and finally Sizhukon Meridian;7.Foot-Yangming Meridian by the stomach, for the Chengqi until, at last the Lideui Meridian;8. Points of Spleen Meridian,Foot,from theyinbai Meridian ,finally to the Dabao Meridian; 9.Points of Bladder Meridian,Foot, from the Jingyang Meridian Finally to the Zhiyin Meridian; 10. Shaoyin enough by the kidney meridian, the springs until finally Yu House; 11. Shaoyang enough guts as the meridian, the Tongziliao Meridian untill finally enough the Zuqiaoyin Meridian; 12. Jueyin adequate liver After the meridian, from large Tun, the Qimen at last the door; there are all head and neck points: Until the Sishencong Meridian, finally to the Lianquan Meridian; Chest and abdomen various points: From the Weishang Meridian finally to the Zigong Meridian; Item back from the waist point: Until the Xinshe Meridian To put an end to a folder ridge; From the Ministry of upper Meridian points: From the Shixuan Meridian to the Zhou Jian termination; lower limbs from the Department of points: The Qiduan Meridian until end of the termination of the arms. In particular suite, net meridian of human contact in accordance with the standard position And reasonable order electrotherapy, acupuncture, and so on is to stimulate blood circulation through the minds of the body, Shujinhuoxue,cure, disease-free health care, is to follow human physiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, especially for elderly patients Great effect; people’s lives better, more and more attention to their health, there is always anxious to play a performance of electro-general, to stimulate, stimulate acupuncture points, recurrent to prevent and cure diseases, fit and healthy desire to please Try a new kind of electronics net meridian with the body arranged in a special suite, acupoints are the rules of the human body,the standard location, network arranged to play a regular human body, local medical efficacy of health care. Point map the human body and hand, foot reflex zone map see


  Sixth. Wangping(Identity card:510222196312054216)Two network intellectual property rights


WAP mobile platform by the Chinese ministry of the industry and information
Their forms a complete set of resources:
ONE. "cultural property trade" mobile phone international big platform:



1. The national ministry of industry and information "wireless web site" "cultural property trade" certificate (1) P1120613. JPG
2. The national ministry of industry and information "wireless web site" "cultural property trade" certificate (2) P1120616. JPG
3. The national ministry of industry and information " wireless web site" "cultural property trade" certificate (3) P1120619. JPG


TWO. "little swan hotboiler" brand word mobile platforms:

XTEHG Qr code

XTEHG Qr code

1. The national ministry of industry and "wireless web site" "little swan hotboiler"certificate (1) 4. JPG
2. The national ministry of industry and "wireless web site" "little swan hotboiler" certificate (2) 5. JPG
3. The national ministry of industry and "wireless web site" "little swan hotboiler" certificate (3) 6. JPG
4. Sichuan hui ze information technology co., LTD. Chongqing branch registration agents "wireless web site" "little swan hotboiler" (1) 1. JPG



  Seventh. Energy of the future----gravitational energy with the works of God

Credentials:Chongqing China-2016-A-00158980

On road engine vehicles, the world was born in 1834 the first engine vehicles or electric vehicles (EV), than the 1886 advent of the internal combustion motor vehicles (referred to as ICE is a traditional gasoline and diesel engine) 52 years earlier. Today, new energy power, electric vehicles including pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, purely electric vehicle is a vehicle electric drive; another kind of hybrid electric vehicle (referred to as HEVS that there are two kinds of power: internal combustion engine and motor); pure electric vehicles are pure electric driving mileage in short, expensive and time-consuming battery charging. The core of modern electric car is relatively clean, efficient and intelligent power to drive the vehicle, but high power motor has strong power radiation pollution, power radiation through the body, some cells inevitably mutate;Radiation cannot seen by pollution, can benot said that an internal combustion engine with a car more than the air pollution. mainly modern electric car production in two ways, one is the modified; another is specialized in the design and production.



  Eighth. MOULD again international

certificate:Chongqing in China—2018—A—00304242


I am in Chongqing,China i have gained international credentials of the "Electronic Schoolbag in 2007", please refer to develop my right brain Four .NEED——Modern; I this is a middle school teacher and feeling the student's toil of learning knowledge,with the development of the science and the technology, now the future of laptops can finish most of the steps can completely suitable for electronic schoolbags, so a laptop now increased as the touch screen,be able to sign yourself name on the screen in “pen”,Keyboard touchpad from my laptop computer design: First is to the original keyboard below space, correspond to the original touch pad to buy tablets, so the handwritten plate is together with the laptop , to written in "pen"on the keyboard content, corresponding oneself real handwriting on the laptop's screen displayed;Second use "pen" directly in this screen that can be shown your real handwriting , a series of calculations,