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——Development gravitational energy

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  Save water, save electricity, save the wood, and ideas to create new energy; A new type of energy- -the solar energy is in development, pay attention to the development of renewable energy sources, using. Between heaven and earth have everything recycle, XiangShengXiangKe process, nature, the universe there are huge energy, we want reasonable use of them for our mankind;When the Lord god, and in the creation of the universe, given the huge natural energy, such as solar, wind, water, etc., a perfect world,very good; The destruction of ecological environment, is to earthquake, tsunami, tornado, severe haze and so on。 Persons energy as dynamical resources are infinite
from ,lately international and high oil price can frequently be founded,warning oil can inaugurally lacked ,really saving oil can't be solved. In the future , some energy is used , the new energy isn’t produced ,it is over , so some energy is gradually lacked , but dynamical machinery need dynamical energy ,as gasoline , diesel oil etc.fuel price is quickly rised in price .Sooner or later ,oil and natural gas etc. about the minerals’ products can be over exhausted. For questions of solved ;I have thought out that relatively smallish force is transported out relatively large force ,principal wheels are effected and turned on ,both fuels can be cut down and green energy without polluction will be had .On geographical structure ,transports way is exploited ,the more are even way ,railway is even level and smooth, relatively smallish power can be used and slidden on the way by means of transport .There are questions about lever and supporting point of middle physics,Use lever balance: power × resistance force arm = relative (F1 × L1 = F2 × L2) light car make full use of shorten and obtain larger relative resistance in the hydraulic pressure system more get on a relatively large power supply. ,Picture1,on the formerly scientific foundation, her quality is 5.997×1021ton, the earths weight is 6.667×1024 kg ,the earth is enough weigh, but a persons power is enough light; People must have thought about I can lift up , the earth after support point can be given by me ;The Shenzhou 5 airships with person has successfully been launched at0900 of Oct.15,2003, Shenzhou 6 airships with person has successfully been launched at 0900 of Oct.12,2005 and flown into outerspace in China,other several countries of scientific developments have already been flown into outer space by the airships ,as American airship with persons has already been flown into outer space ,the moon’s surface has already been conducted to survey ,more graded (bodies’)rocket has earliest been invented and the first man-made satellite has earliest and successfully been shot in Ussr。

  As light vehicle , the unit of auxiliary power is installed in front of driver’s seat and installed on proper seats of the guests’ seats , more power is saved up through the devices of the hydraulic pressure ,I shall detalledly introduce to use course in the public and traffic bus .Picture2,as the public,traffic bus and passenger ship , the devices of the auxiliary power can be installed in front of the seats under the passenger’s seats;Picture3, for the principle of the lever and the supporting point ,hydraulic pressure system can be coupled by the lever action again ,so the auxiliary power can be obtained comparatively more power. the machinery power’s install and the devices of the passenger with the feet pedaling can be installed frontally proper position under the guest seat, the petty power through chief axle and chief power’s device is converged into ,led penetrated into the bus’s head, pushed the device of the hydraulic pressure in the bus’s head to bring motion alone the motor’s pistons and cyclical to reciprocate, the means of transport get power ,the engine makes chief tyre turn up ,on the expanse and level road, auxiliary power can be used, the engine oil-gun can be closed, in the driver's cab the hydraulic pressure fixture of the vehicle's head and all sets of the pistons with the engine can close been connected by own hand and got power. The wealth of the endless value is education, the summit meeting of the fifth occasion Asian city’smayores have been convoked in the most near by direction’s Chongqingshi of Chinese , big west in October12, in 2005,mang cities’ autonomy’s and prefecture’s officials of many countries have attended, its summarisings have first been cultural culture has been done from the cities ,towns people’s cultural culture has been spirit of the cities’ developments ,Hu zhiqiang of Taizhongshi’s mayor in Asia has said that cultural construction has been every city’s spirit;Daiwei .Pasen of Laisitejun’s prefect in Britain has also said that transferring culture has enriched every city’s substances’;Cultural culture is very significant.The devices of the auxiliary power will be welded ,both one’s body can be taken exercises and one’s do ones’ contributions for the societies,there are publicly traffic buses in every city, the buses serve for the public ,the societies is the people’s public societies consciously selfless morals can be embodied ,one’s sentiments can be moulded ;Making one happy everything can be done, under happy state of mind the series of the movements can be done ,making one’s state of mind is even happy ,some passengers’ successful feelings and interests can be realizes ;Everything all are fresh ,strange ,suitable and habitual compositions.

  Heavy objects all have weight and gravity,all loaded objects are in the process of use and transportation, the gravity can be changed into that revolvjng power can be driven by the machinery’s chief wheels ;Make full use of nature, the universe of the massive (stealth) power-gravity: weight have weight, gravity, have heavy objects in use, the process of transportation, car own weight namely gravity into can drive the active wheel rotation of their mechanical (stealth) power supply; Heavy vehicle weight namely gravity through (gas) hydraulic system to high pressure fluid gas as the original steam train high-pressure steam, again through the steam headlights four large active wheel traction supirior to produce each rotation force break original energy conservation continual great (stealth)power source, need not burning oil, natural gas, electricity or for major power,gas pressure system and hydraulic pressure system can be each other themerits or defection.

The devices of the hydraulic pressure can be installed under the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat on the car ,the bread’s car , public ,traffic’s bus ,passenger’s train and ship ,the lever and the suppert’s point can be utilized , relatively larger can be gained ; And as loaded machinery, the loaded truck is fixed ,sustained and saved for power by that the devices of the hydraulic pressure are welded on the vehicle bridge ;The brakes can be controlled by the engine with the stead engine’s high pressure’s steam like old steam locomotive to be joined by every railroad engine. The same principles loading automobile , the devices’ sustaining of the hydraulic pressure with is loaded truck high pressure’s liquids are assembled by the high pressure pipes ,led into the vehicle’s motor, pushed the vehicle head’s steel column of the hydraulic pressure to bring movablely motor’s pistons and to be in cyclically fro metion up . The loading vehicle’s structures are: The loaded truck is kept to fix by the sturdy steel of welding fixedly on the vehicle bridge, namely the top of the loaded truck is encircled to blockade by the vehicle’s steel frame , the whole loaded truck’s weight is kept to sustain by several roots of the steel columns of the hydraulic pressure with welding fixedly on the vehicle bridge , the loaded truck’s bottom with the concave and convex structures are each other tallied into the vehicle bridge’s convex and concave groove , the concave convex’s surfaces and the relative convex concave’s surfaces are smooth ,the surfaces of the steel frame and the loaded truck are space of a particle, namely the surfaces and the relative surfaces are smooth and are with close stick ,its aim is that the hydraulic pressure’s devices of sustaining loaded truck do ably its best to keep even speed’s state ,relatively motionless state and merging each other with the whole truck as everybody on high speed’s the earth of rotation by oneself lives without one’s perception, the loaded truck in the steel frame is free ,namely the hydraulic pressure’s steel columns of keeping to sustain, the loaded truck can be retractile, the steel columns in the frame’s scope can be fixedly retractile, they only are moving up and down with a short distance ;The other structure namely the four steel columns of hydraulic pressure with welding fixedly on the vehicle frame are directly kept to sustain the loaded truck’s weight, so the vehicle’s frame with the loaded truck is only placed on the vehicle bridge; When the loading vehicles are over weight, the hydraulic pressure’s devices with keeping to sustain the loaded truck can be only placed into the vehicle bridge’s concave and convex’s groove ,so the hydraulic pressure’s devices with bearing too weighty loads can be protected from the damage . Picture 4 Unloading truck with itself is very peculiar ,its different structures are that sturdy steel frame is fastened on the vehicle bridge, frastenings on the vehicle bridge, the steel frame is controlled up and down to move and fast fastened on the vehicle bridge, unloading truck with itself loaded truck is steadily placed on the steel columns’ tops of the frontly hydraulic pressure with welding firmly on the fore of the vehicle bridge ,hind two sides’ steel columns of the hydraulic pressure are welded firmly on the hind vehicle’s frame, it is welded firmly the rotation points and the rotation points of welding firmly on the vehicle bridge each other tally, its influence isn’t to unloading by oneself , when it is unloaded by oneself, the fastenings are pulled apart, so the steel frame and the loaded truck are overturned together, the goods are unloaded from the loaded truck. Picture 5 , the heavy-duty oil tank’s vehicle, as the heavy-duty flatbed vehicle is from several sturdy steel columns with welding firmly on the vehicle bridge perpendicular the vehicle bridge’s plane, penetrated among the flated and steadily kept to fix the flatbed , the hydraulic pressure’s devices with keeping to sustain whole flatbed under the flatbed , the surfaces of the steel columns and the surfaces intouch are closely closed are smooth, at empty flatbed , the flatbed is kept to sustain by the hydraulic pressure’s devices perpendicular to rising , there are lids with welding firmly over the steel columns ,the flatbed doesn’t rise yet; When the loads on the flatbed is too weight, fixed the limit, the flatbed can only be placed at several points’ pillars with welding fixedly on the vehicle bridge, so the hydraulic pressure’s devices are prevented from damaging , the high pressure’s liquids are produced by the hydraulic pressure’s devices, assembled by the high pressure’s pipes to join into vehicle’s head through the chiefly high pressure’s windpipe , pushed the hydraulic pressure’s to bring alone the motor’s pistons and do circulatorily fro motion. Now conductor engine , specially loaded engine,every railroad engine’s structure and loading vehicle’s loaded truck’s structure are the same, alike whole railroad engine’s weight is kept to sustain by the hydraulic pressure’s steel columns of welding fixedly in the sturdy frame on the vehicle bridge, the high pressure’s liquids through every railroad engine’sweight of the hydraulic pressure’s steel columns’ priducts are assembled by the high pressure’s pipes ,led into the engine by a high pressure’s pipe, pushed the hydraulic pressure’s steel columns to bring alone active magnetic figures, to revolve cyclely fro, to cut magnetic fluslines , to generate the magnetoelectric effects and to generate electricity for the magnetos . Summing up , that is new energy that the vehicle’s power can be changed into driving turning round the vehicles , Picture 6 so they shall be matched by styles of giving energy for oneself ,his torical figure Zhugeliang (Kongming ) of three –national times in Chinese history has invented by each other vivid things “transported means on wooden ox and horse with power as gravity”.

  When we use the auxiliary power ,to open oil pipes, one’s handmovement can make systematically hydraulic pressure’s steel column of the auxiliary power fasten over outside and revolving handle with the convex axle’s wheel over the engine’s pistens to push on it ,being made cyclical and fro move by it ;As the primary head of the steam locomotive: At first a puff of steam air can be passed by several interplay drivers on the rail,obtained continuous power to impel locomotive forward.

















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The resources of utilizing that everything can be produced fixed value , now some power isn’t found , exploited and utilized up , as the cenpripetal power …………. The vehicles for the refitmehit are early sprung up, the markets for refitment are very potential the certain prerequisites will be carried on by the scientific, rational and professional refitment, the computer’s auxiliary CAD design and CAM manufacture among hydraulic pressure’s technicalities will be more widely applied .
A simply applied methods : The machinery in the future, the hydraulic pressure’s devices can be replaced springs of the steel qualities, on the vehicles’ axles ,the devices bear whole and loaded vehicles’ weight, the vehicles both gain power for the auxiliary power’s systems and function about vibrant abatement..
More self-sufficiency energy will be produced , there are many traffic machinery with energy , they aren’t just exploited and utilized ; Motion machinery of ramming wind and traveling , electricity is emitted through wind-force, stirring energy is changed into electric energy , so it is energy of electric bus and train with electric force , through wind –piping the scattered wind is collected formidable wind of frequency and stronger , blows wind –vane and makes wind -generator to generate electricity , some long , oblate wind –piping and wind – generatores are fitted on the roofs of every carriage , railway with the bus or the train by electric force , accordingly standard and electric force is risen , so own energy can be reached .
High-tech development today, a return to“nature”,the original complicated become simple,directness,practicality. Such as Using leaves a film camera digital camera now; I invented the traffic tools, the natural universal gravitation of the anywhere , infinite and incessant,complete in one step, LUCRATIVE as power, there is no fuel oil, no pollution ;To this end, the gasoline stations, LPG stations can be changed to add "pressure" station.

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