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    MOULD again international






Sixth.Two network intellectual property rights

Seventh. Eternal Energy of the future

Eighth.MOULD again international

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The merit lies in the present age and the benefit lies in the future; It can benefit future generations.

I am in Chongqing,China i have gained international credentials of the "Electronic Schoolbag in 2007", please refer to develop my right brain Four .NEED——Modern; I this is a middle school teacher and feeling the student's toil of learning knowledge,with the development of the science and the technology, now the future of laptops can finish most of the steps can completely suitable for electronic schoolbags, so a laptop now increased as the touch screen,be able to sign yourself name on the screen in “pen”,Keyboard touchpad from my laptop computer design: First is to the original keyboard below space, correspond to the original touch pad to buy tablets, so the handwritten plate is together with the laptop , to written in "pen"on the keyboard content, corresponding oneself real handwriting on the laptop's screen displayed;Second use "pen" directly in this screen that can be shown your real handwriting , a series of calculations,the same principle applies to vertical or desktop computers,call it without mobile electronic schoolbags,the national administration can use this function to work intelligently,for social development, this functional systems can be public service for the national government;It has be been time ,we must thank the mighty god, amen! Through electronic books, e-books , the superlarge capacity storage, etc., complete and free "written test" such as the Chinese such as writing, articles and operation steps of mat hematics and physics and chemistry such as question ,can be set up "collection" and "cancellation"etc, save  lots of paper, save  lots of wood, to protect national natural resources, college entrance examination and important test can use pen and paper operations, increasing weight of ordinary schoolbags instead of in the past,So lessen under the students' pressure of the physical and mind, more intelligently, easily the best learning,due to electronic books and so on, the cost of learning is greatly reduced,it also reduces the amount of paper waste;If a laptop to get affordable computers, a few less level, salesman, and the advertising agent, etc., into direct group,over the earth there are 224 countries and areas and thousands upon thousands schools, duty education, education department must provide school facilities, computer maintainers to enter government,schools and units,without sales difficult,it will be able to dominated the global notebooks markets;The same principle, the larger screen will be used as the electronic blackboards, whiteboards, and electronics wallboards etc.,it can be also used a projection screen,the speaker freely writes on himself computer, to show his real handwriting on the screen,teachers and students face to face teaching . So to reduce waste again, let objects of the absorbing radiation and radiation proof flowers into the classrooms, meeting rooms equi- relevant space, so(the feeling of returning to nature) ecology those peoples' mind pressure will be reduce again,flowers and trees, happy, simple, practical, intelligent, environmental protection again;The intellectual property market used to be chaotic,now any electronic product that there isn't able to assorted this system HDD,software shall be liable law,i has already been at god's disposal,grace to my nature gravity high pressure energy, electronic schoolbag, cultural and art property transactions and little swan hotpot with the Internet two platforms, two projects on construction and decoration etc., the good of whole human and to the glory of god, amen. Viotating rights in formed against,high price repaid!







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