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    Eternal Energy of the future——gravitational energy with the works of God






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On road engine vehicles, the world was born in 1834 the first engine vehicles or electric vehicles (EV), than the 1886 advent of the internal combustion motor vehicles (referred to as ICE is a traditional gasoline and diesel engine) 52 years earlier. Today, new energy power, electric vehicles including pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, purely electric vehicle is a vehicle electric drive; another kind of hybrid electric vehicle (referred to as HEVS that there are two kinds of power: internal combustion engine and motor); pure electric vehicles are pure electric driving mileage in short, expensive and time-consuming battery charging. The core of modern electric car is relatively clean, efficient and intelligent power to drive the vehicle, but high power motor has strong power radiation pollution, power radiation through the body, some cells inevitably mutate;Radiation cannot seen by pollution, can benot said that an internal combustion engine with a car more than the air pollution. mainly modern electric car production in two ways, one is the modified; another is specialized in the design and production.
In China in July 2011, issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology "national" five "scientific and technological development plan", once again clear the route and the main objectives of energy conservation and new energy vehicle development; September 17, 2013 Ministry of industry and information technology issued "on the continuation of the application of new energy vehicles to promote the work of the notice" in the lack of energy, under the double pressure depletion and environmental pollution has become inevitable.
When the Lord God created the universe, endowed with powerfully natural resources, such as solar, wind, hydro, and nature anywhere,anytime,inexhaustible, one-step unity, gravitation of the lucrative energy. Instead its damage ecological environment of consequences is earthquake, tsunami, Tornado, fog haze serious and so on etc. Picture (2), by virtue between heaven and earth cycle, etc. allelopathy truth, the rational use of them for the benefit of our human,energy of gravitational and high pressure with the works of God included breath and air can also be God Ye he hua can free bestow our human and make all their multitude of the heavens and the earth cyclic.I invention of transport is anywhere and anytime, inexhaustible unlimited, one-step unity and lucrative of gravitation for stealth power.
Gravity of the works of God there is always everywhere, technology height development of today, return the works of God, it can be truth, as that can turn original complex of into direct simplicity ,convenience and practicality, like original film camera into now of digital camera; It can be directly transformed into some kind of huge power. Fuel (gas) of internal combustion engine (ICE), which is caused by burning high pressure steam explosion moves the pistons work and gravitational energy (gravitationally stealthy power, referred to as GSP) of the core, manned or the total weight of the cargo compartment (gravity) or through lever on (gas) hydraulic system to gain just the same soft naturalness and hugely high gases, again through the high and low pressure pump series, multiple crank and related components are combined into the engine gravity (gravitationally stealthy power engine, GSPE),be able to utilise pressure difference and pressure difference, being able to produce power, continuous explosive invisible power piston and the work,need still is the key to…… ,of course
the greater the pressure difference, the greater the available power, such as high pressure air gun instantaneous expansion moves the bullet.
The main future gravity of also automobile production in two ways, one is modified, another is the specialized design and production; human the right brain is creating brain, invention brain, early years the right brain development . My Auxiliary Power of figure Picture (6) the first two paragraphs have already put forward modification is inevitable trend, pure gravitation the engine (purely gravitational engine, referred to as PGE) to replace the fuel (gas) pipeline components and circuit with electric power to leave pistons punches and relative parts operating of internal combustion; for a hybrid car is working with gravity, gravity engine auxiliary combustion system, improve the overall gravity effect, the engine modification can use the existing internal combustion engine .The chassis for a gravitational transport of small scale production is more practical and economical; instead of fuel gravity cars (gas) and electric power vehicles become an inevitable trend;Application of pure gravitation energy vehicles (purely gravitational power car PGPC), there are two big advantages, On road engine vehicles,no fuel, and gas, pipeline, also or no oil jam,now even without strong power radiation pollution, environmental protection, zero pollution, is one step reachs the designated position; Some people go to buy a car, but they couldn't “afford” a car, a shortage of crude oil, fuel (gas) can be risen, also one can get ten thousand profits , most considerable things can be gain high pressure energy and naturally create high pressure energy through effortless mechanism and training oneself ,working ,recreation and tour etc. by a person ,theirselves life value.
In the high-development of science and technology today,it can return to the works of God, can become necessary and perfect,it can be simple,convenient, practical, the all natural auto-revolution and energy-revolution .Such as the present and the future of the Internet, people work in learning, life becomes simple, convenient, natural, soft and wishful, to wield naturally great and gravitational power, the near future and see green mountains, clouds, rainbow.
The merit lies in the present age and the benefit lies in the future; It can benefit future generations.
Other,《Philosophical to bring forth new ideals and communication ——scientific and philosophical and special issue》through Shanxiprovince publication Fourth –October in 2016 have also published my article about new energy of gravitation with the works of God.






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