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ONE. Suits in particular, health treasure Chinese medicine is our Chinese heritage, a precious treasure of the human body has 32 big Meridian points, 72 gregaria, with 108 acupuncture points, Ren Mai: from the perineum, and finally for the Chengjiang Meridian;Du Mai: until a long-keung, Finally to the Yinjiao Meridian ; there are large meridian 12:1.Lunar hand by the lung meridian,from the Zhongfu Meridian,finally to the Shaoshang Meridian; 2. Yangming hand by the large intestine meridian, from the Shangyang Meridian finally Ying Xiang Meridian; 3. Shaoyin hand Heart Sutra meridian,from the Jiquan Meridian low Chong Quan Meridian at last; 4. Hands by the small intestine meridian ,from the Shaoze Meridian, at least, the Tingxue point at last; 5. Jueyin hand by the meridian, from Tianchi, and finally in the Zhongchong Meridian; 6.Points of Sanjiao Meridian,Hand, from the Guanchong Meridian and finally Sizhukon Meridian;7.Foot-Yangming Meridian by the stomach, for the Chengqi until, at last the Lideui Meridian;8. Points of Spleen Meridian,Foot,from theyinbai Meridian ,finally to the Dabao Meridian; 9.Points of Bladder Meridian,Foot, from the Jingyang Meridian Finally to the Zhiyin Meridian; 10. Shaoyin enough by the kidney meridian, the springs until finally Yu House; 11. Shaoyang enough guts as the meridian, the Tongziliao Meridian untill finally enough the Zuqiaoyin Meridian; 12. Jueyin adequate liver After the meridian, from large Tun, the Qimen at last the door; there are all head and neck points: Until the Sishencong Meridian, finally to the Lianquan Meridian; Chest and abdomen various points: From the Weishang Meridian finally to the Zigong Meridian; Item back from the waist point: Until the Xinshe Meridian To put an end to a folder ridge; From the Ministry of upper
Meridian points: From the Shixuan Meridian to the Zhou Jian termination; lower limbs from the Department of points: The Qiduan Meridian until end of the termination of the arms. In particular suite, net meridian of human contact in accordance with the standard position And reasonable order electrotherapy, acupuncture, and so on is to stimulate blood circulation through the minds of the body, Shujinhuoxue,cure, disease-free health care, is to follow human physiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, especially for elderly patients Great effect; people’s lives better, more and more attention to their health, there is always anxious to play a performance of electro-general, to stimulate, stimulate acupuncture points, recurrent to prevent and cure diseases, fit and healthy desire to please Try a new kind of electronics net meridian with the body arranged in a special suite, acupoints are the rules of the human body,the standard location, network arranged to play a regular human body, local medical efficacy of health care. Point map the human body and hand, foot reflex zone map see.The pairs of hands in charge of the region in the body's head (the brain• pituitary brain), the body governing high blood pressure, low blood pressure diseases, “Ten Xuanxuan hand ”---- in the pipe is-the-art human diseases, in a coma, Shock, but also acute pharyngitis, gastroenteritis, tonsillitis, high blood pressure, and so on, thumb-the-art hand there are fewer points, hand-wrist near the thumb root abdomen in charge of human heart, the heart is, bronchus, pancreas, spleen, the back side of the wrist band when in referring to the total radial extensor tendon concave Department in the human body in charge of point-chuen Respiratory diseases, lung and bronchus, bronchial asthma, back to the metacarpal bone in the finger possessing lumbar, thoracic, and cervical, Shun direction of the fingertips, hand in the light reflection area;'s feet there are many acupuncture points, which, face, the galvanism of the corresponding parts of the body, somebody's the foot of a direct impact whole-body's the blood circulation; himself plantar structure: The toes the order of acupuncture points is the structure of the human body from head to the acupuncture points lower part of the body parts of their sequence, that is, the full head of the lower part of his thumb's meridian to manage own head (brain), the pituitary gland, brain stem • cerebellum, and so on, big toes of both feet front of the abdomen, the other in the head in charge of parts of the frontal sinus, the spirit of the people control point system diseases, numb toes, cerebrovascular accident injury first aid, and the front foot center chest tube human enough to have the inside Point band in charge of thoracic and lumbar spine, and so on, enough to ie junction between the thumb up and down • the first part of concave in charge of cervical lymph nodes, sequential feet in front of the most appropriate person in charge of the neck, shoulders, lungs, bronchial under the sequential movement of acupuncture points in charge of their own chest, heart, liver, own Zuduo untill the end of the lower part of the body parts of the body, each of the acupuncture points related to the human body in charge of the site, somebody commonly known as plantar foot is the second heart of the human body for local electrotherapy, to stimulate acupuncture points, such as massage, it will frequently have on the corresponding parts of illnesses and the effectiveness of health care; prevention, health care, medical treatment has become an important part of people's lives; of medical treatment also, and regular conquer the disease, it Youyue saints to hybrid Governance, should be properly provided for, the new rule to vary, the general rule is also known. Special suit: Special reticulation like caps, clothing, gloves, trousers , socks, the reticulation's tentacle is based on physics, bionics, bio-electrical combination of the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture points arranged according to the body, Special suit caps, clothing, gloves, Trousers, socks linked into one that can be separated from each other into the one, single, low-voltage power supply and can be connected to a relatively local electrotherapy, stimulation and massage Point, socks contact network to connect a single low-voltage electro-power will be able to stimulate, Massage the acupuncture points, and patients with severe arthritis in the leg, to use a single package in particular the “trousers” and low-voltage power supply connected to local electrical stimulation to stimulate and massage the legs Point, will frequently be able to play the regular illnesses, the purpose of health care , To adjust the body to clear the meridians, frequently promoting circular blood , different disease Tongzhi; Particularly suitable for winter, the elderly afraid of the cold, wearing stickers on the body to stimulate acupuncture points related to fever have a sense of ease, “a god”-like feeling to play at any time, Recurrent illnesses and health effects, the twenty-first century is a new kind of natural therapy; such as rheumatoid arthritis: contact network all over the sea of blood, Mr Hill, the city of wind, Yanglingquan , Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Kunlun, the elderly infirm Shenshu more often, the second temple Mingmen. Wear soft mesh suits, extra suit can durable regular medical care dirty easily, will be able to carry out a simple washing. The required low-voltage can batterie, low-voltage power supply. TWO. Low-voltage, body’s energy campaign Global common “dry-battery” of a significant number of the corresponding abandoned for “dry-battery” a huge amount of pollution, in terms of harmful effects in rural areas, see a very thick grass, with a small circle of grass is dead, following subtilis Zoujinyikan dry batteries, imagine that such a weed vitality, and how the dead? Its toxic pollution in rural areas by the Land, green leaves break down the resolve, in the city, damaged an abandoned dry air pollution directly, in declining health, those who have heard of, the disease will inspire them, or people uncomfortable, ill be able to break down pollutants like gravel filter contaminated, dirty water, ah! Terrible chemical pollution; today's “dry battery” in the improvemen ofcarbon see battery power batteries used in the “dry battery” in its model , The specifications of the rechargeable battery is the same, there are columnar, flat-see “Dry gandianchi”, there is general zinc - manganese dry batteries, alkaline zinc - manganese dry battery, Magnesium - manganese dry battery, zinc - air batteries, zinc - Yang Huagong batteries, zinc - silver oxide batteries, lithium - manganese batteries, and so on; up to the use of zinc - manganese dry battery, as they can be divided into different structures: Paste-Zinc - Manganese Xinhua also dry, cardboard-zinc - manganese dry battery, zinc-film - manganese dry battery, zinc chloride zinc - manganese dry batteries, alkaline zinc - manganese dry battery, a parall I am in my “auxiliary power” has long been said that people power is infinite, endless, people walking, continuous impetus can be engendered, it was the waist, shoulders, arms swinging momentum to be developed Use. The people of both feet to bear own the weight of the body, to assume the task of walking; people on foot, feet are the driving force for continuous direct role in their heels of the micro-power handle the activities of the magnetic line of force and incising magnetic line power, the purpose of the two: “Rechargeable dry batteries” ; can be a single low-voltage power supply. The heel is hollow, heel with Micro-impetus device of active handle and can assemble on a variety of battery power that is a unified specification “dry battery charge”; increase in the human body can play a high degree of the effect of one-stop-shop, the women's high heels under the assembly room for more micro-dynamic devices, the elderly leisure shoes: Shoes before the sole between the heel and Micro-power to assemble to incise magnetism line to change Micro-dynamo, and to walk people, the body weight of pressure on their own feet, magnetism line can be incised under heel on the activities , heel touchdown, and then let go, the process with Micro-impetus device of active handle of acting on to make two cutting magnetic line of force; Body's wholeweight, compared with corresponding is a big driving force can be with a group or several groups of cutting lines of magnetic micro-mechanical parts, cutting magnetic line of force and power, rechargeable, small components and their electrical energy storage technology is based on modern microelectronics; micro-power dynamic device: I. Motive power of the “dry battery charge,” charge, Rechargeable dry batteries & A = baidu, power batteries in place of “dry batteries commonly used“ multiple ”rechargeable dry batteries,”used as a small low-voltage electrical power; II. “Dry-cell batteries recharged,” people are still walking cutting magnetic line of force acting, On the storage capacity to the limit and then released into constant, connected power, instead of dry batteries in the rechargeable battery applicable to the flashlight, tape recorders, cameras, electronic bell, toys, etc., but also to national defense, scientific research, telecommunications, maritime, aviation, medical, etc. In all fields of national economy. The ago shoe too light,for walk ,light and light’s feel with own foot,now on the shoe:The heel can be fitted on Micro-momentum device with the kinetic handle,the heel can be smooth,comfortable,sensuously settled when tread. “Life is movement,” more people to walk, walk both healthy, have the power to create wealth for money and can have a sense of accomplishment. “Body impetus' power!”! Long live! The two innovative design, I have already applied for All rights reserved.


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