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—— Exploiting the right brain

——Being obtained one's health in the study


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Certificate:31-2006-A-3527 Chongqing,China Querynet in

      New thought—The whole—brain speed reading. Exploiting the right brain “treasure”, 21 centuries’ “an illiterate person” has know ledge but doesn’t understand right ways of study. The health ,which everyone is to own body, psychology, is better sensations, the health which the right bight brain has been exploited by sb. Greatly auxiliary functions; Everybody has about ten millions four hundred million cells for the brain and twice ninety million auxiliary cells, because physiological circulation, the cells eliminate the old ones and retain the new ones, the circulation can’t be interrupted, every organ into one’s body is chiefly regulated, balanced by the whole brain, so the brain is “the headquarters” into one’s body; the whole brain is distinguished to compose by the left brain, the right brain and callosity brains.Since 1950,scientific organ in U.S.A.has had the experimentation .Severing whole brain relation of the left and right hemisphere,to unable cure and epileptic twitch abating and curing the epileptic ;A person's language is lost isn'tthe right brain's relation of the whole brain , explaining the left brain to conttrolpronunciation organ, a simple illustration, from a graduate <>P331 with Lv Wu Ping chief editor of educational science in Beijing,China, a baby of just now ,thw left brain is troubled ,howbeit instinctive sucking own mother's milk, but the right brain is troubled can't suck own mother's milk,the right brain ruling can dominate subliminal action are explained. English one’ left brain ‘IQ’ are chiefly used to obtain better bodies by the general persons, the brain is using it is nimble, discaing it is stupid’, at ordinary times, the right brain without exploiting is chiefly put’ senseless and sleepy’ state “EQ” now the right brain will be joined, exploited, relevant organs must be better produced times by times’ matter which is conducive to one’s health through the right brain, of cours every body’s immunity will add times by times, so that the whole brain as the left brain and the right brain each other co-ordinate can greatly raise one’s healthy level.

  In studying, everybody has vitally and hopefully mental mind, uppositive state, mentality and life can enrich the mind, one’s mentality can be broad-minded, one’s sadly vexea lonely dejected and silly feeling without the beneficial health can be naturally forgotten. ‘One lives to old age and one studies to old age’ must be the most ordinary language, when the brain-diligent persons in the brain are old, one’s thought still is very nimble, one in liking to study always is ‘a best medication’ with keeping one’s health; Egg-phespharus fat is obviously conducive to one’s the brain, it can be absorbed by rich soybean, fresh eggs and fishes etc..

  As me, I hacked and wounded the forehead’s place about the language centre by the shovel in March18,1990, that time I didn’t say out a word, I was saved at the fourth hospital in Chongqing, China, I often felt headache,dizzy-head and stupid brain, I often was epileptic and very painful. I was in the third hospital of Chongqing, China in May30,1991, and I was conducted foreheads defective skulldefective skullrepair in June7, but I still felt headache except a little epilepsy, I nearly was mad.

  My self-respect is specially powerful, I have recovered own and simple abilities for talk, I look for the doctors and the medications with sickly body, I thought that I couldn’t live a life like this. An accidental chance, I found ‘New thought The whole-brain and Exploiting the right brain’ at Shapingba area in Chongqing, China in March, 2000, certainly I couldnt forsake and wholly train for two months, I have exercised all along, physiologica compensation, I easily felt sure effects with the right brain, I have not had a cold since tapping right brain , ever without headache and dizzy-head, randon coma afierce epileptic paroxyssm. I had lived in Kunming, China for longtime, I found China's Chongqing’s little change from Kunming to Chongqing, China in April, 2004, hence, I suggested expanding Chongqing’s chief cities……from Chongqing’s Huangzhengdong secretary, during the time the Chinese and English in my international works ORNAMENTED THE EARTHand THE AUXILIARY POWER have all been finished by self-contained, from ordinary time I have liked to walk, high temperature over 40, I have tested me and touched off my inspirations, I felt better if I walked with umbrella, my worksHEALTHwas finished this time, too. I went to lots of cities in China, I have felt that my healthy state is better and better; I have felt that the using the brain enjoys a lit of and unlimited, I have already and voluntarily donated 1400CC blood, sincerety and confidence have always been in my mind. In the right brain’s sphere of the whole brain, a lot of leneficial thing will be waited for us to exploit and utilise.

I have already applied for all rights reserved. Certificate:31-2006-A-3527 Chongqing,China

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