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One: Electron schoolbag--'Hope' in one's life is each other accompanied.
Lots of persons have crossed at ones’ schools for third of one’s life, assimilated knowledgeable nutriment; We can know: Their bodied have been grown inperiod childhool and youth, a good stature’s vertebrae have been changed to show to bend ones’ waists and hunchback, ones’ deformed chests have oppressed own hearts, to be not able to stretch own lungs……,so weak and sicklier bodies, own health has direct been influenced.
<<Electron Schoolbag>>is a minitype ,portable notebookPC of large capacities are gone to carry, text’s explanations can have been showed
readremarked on a piece of writing about rough writing, very exact distinguishedstockpiled printed outexercisetypedlessen and enlarged functionsbeen able to damage and nump.
Electron schoolbag is used, enormous paper can be saved, paper’s function, hot is olation, electron is olation, larger family’s substance can be used and other industry’s structwres, their frames are still used raw and processed materials—iron and steel, then the paper is compressed to make to stuff stuff, lots of things like iron and steel etc. ,can be saved with other raw and processed materials,the kind's cost can all been reduced.

Two: Buffer protection—Human colliding
A very fast train makes the railway sidewalk shock and the sleepers, rails like small waves undulate, through the buffer of innumerable macadams, the train’s large force was slashed to be unseen. My life was ever saved through the cushioning colliding, in1992, at shekou area of Shenzhen, in China; I alone walked along side of the road with a luggage pulley, unfortunately the pulley was ruined, I only was with a large and expansive haversack at my back, I vegained my consciousness after five days and found myself to lie on the sick bed of hospital, my right leg was hung with plaster cast, I was just conscious…… Traffic accident: The scene in blood, how sad! What moans! When the vehicle was instantly been braked, they have already been bumped, buffer protection will be very necessary; the truck of loading tem tons can be together undertaken with ten-several tyres, the inner tube of a tyre is in the tyre, the gasbag and air is the inner tube of a tyre, contacted inside of the tyre, so every tyre can be supported several tons’ weight. Such ‘a belt’ is rounded with folding rubbers gasbag by the vehicle as the cars
the breads cars and public buss ‘waist’, ‘the belt’ innormal times can be decorative and increase solid geometry. When the accident happens, the gasbag can be full of in the twinkling of an eye by the air, the gasbag can be inflated, power of bumping an the gasbag can be slashed lots of, again whole vehicle’s casing can be cushioned, so all can be well; When the traffic accident happens, the vehicle was droped into the river and sea, the gasbag can be inflated, the whole vehicle’s bulk can be increased speed can be showed down, the time of giving aid the passengers can be raced against, otherwise, there are four tyres about commonly small-size vehicles as the car and the bread’s car etc., they are augmented by times, the vehicle’s body will be encircled by the large four tyres, critically, power of smashing at the tyres is largely whittled, Buffer safetyis very verified,



Buffer prktectionwill be utilized and verified, in the world “the suffering in the sky” is met with by the airliner in the sky, several hundreds passengers all are die from “the suffering in the sky” ,sorrow! A passenger of the airliner has a lingering fear, colloquialism: “A fearless myriad, so in fear some case;” By and Worldwide 136 degrees' "skys' tragedy" in 2007,965 persons died for "sky's tragedy".Ba Xi Ta Mu aviation company's a airliner's wreck in Sheng Bao Luo,199 persons together died in the airliner and on the ground.

   The thing can be solved by my lifeball, the ball is made of fireproof materialtough and tensilelight-duty material; Atmospheric pressure tube column are covered with ball-surface of the life ball, its sizequantitytoughening are: The longesta littethe most toughtenedlongermanythe more toughenedlongmoretoughenedshortmoreelastic; Critical time, passengers’s seats and fixed airseat will be loosened, every passenger’s both hands take the head in own arms, own passenger’s seat will be closed up to closed ball to lots of ”individual”, every atmospheric pressure tube column is shot, there is thin oxygen in the empty passenger’s seat back is released.

  When the airliners cabin is rupturedblown up, every “individual” namely every life ball is shot and dropped, atmospheric pressure tube columns with ball-surfaces length can change express wind into diffuse wind and held up wind-force, the life-balls fall speeds are prodigiously fall; Under with ball-surfaces length can change express wind into diffuse wind and held up wind-force, the life-balls fall speeds are prodigiously fall; Under powerful momentum , atmosperic pressure tube columns of every life balls first and second batches touch floor will be naturally shattered, next third batches; Once and once reduction vibration a series of buffer, or the lifeball dropped at the lakethe sea to be able to wait succor on the surface.





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